August 31, 2005

Safe and sound

I just finished driving from Los Alamos, NM, to Ottawa, ONT. That's 3600km (2250 miles). Some observations:

  1. You can see Roadrunners on NM route 104 between Las Vegas (NM) and Tucumcari.
  2. There are places in Texas and Oklahoma where you can still get gas for $1.55/gallon, but in the rest of North America it costs more than $50.00 to fill a 20 gallon tank. Flying is now cheaper than driving.
  3. At least on the 401, Canadians drive further above the speed limit than Americans. Americans driving on an interstate highway with a speed limit of 70mph will rarely exceed 75mph, and trucks and RVs often have a separate, lower speed limit. Canadians on the 401 (speed limit 100km/h) drive 120km/h and some go 140km/h. This is the equivalent of regularly driving 75mph on a 65mph road, and sometimes 85mph.
  4. There are more Tim Horton's along the 401 then there are McDonalds along interstates 40, 44, 70, and 69 put together.
  5. If you don't drink coffee, tea, or anything else with caffein in it, then Mountain Dew is enough to keep you alert during 4 consecutive days of driving. The withdrawal pangs afterwards are mild.


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