July 26, 2005

Back from the wedding...

I just got back from 5 days at the wedding of my cousin Lara and her new husband Mike. This is, I know, a poor excuse for not posting for almost 2 weeks, but my parents decided that this reunion should be computer-free, so I've been without minesweeper for far too long.

I would have been posting about Yubnub, or possibly Urban Dead.

I'm also thinking about de-focusing this weblog and posting, for example, the titles of the books I've been reading recently. What do you think?

July 14, 2005

Different approaches

Das Keyboard and the Optimus keyboard represent different approaches to keyboard design. Personally, I just can't get over the potential coolness of having all my keys change their labels when I hold down Ctrl, and I've long been drooling over the space-cadet keyboard, so the Optimus style keyboard is the way I would go.

Of course, some types of people prefer simplicity.