July 26, 2005

Back from the wedding...

I just got back from 5 days at the wedding of my cousin Lara and her new husband Mike. This is, I know, a poor excuse for not posting for almost 2 weeks, but my parents decided that this reunion should be computer-free, so I've been without minesweeper for far too long.

I would have been posting about Yubnub, or possibly Urban Dead.

I'm also thinking about de-focusing this weblog and posting, for example, the titles of the books I've been reading recently. What do you think?


At July 27, 2005, Blogger Fraxas said...

I want to hear what you're reading.

Heck, I want to hear your ideas no matter their origin or focus (though mundanities-on-the-internet is, I assume, a a played-out theme.

At July 27, 2005, Blogger Jonathan said...

Hi Jeremy - Good to know you've got a blog. Yay!


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