August 21, 2007

How much do I actually read?

The last time I kept track of how many books I read was Feb.-Aug. 1994, a seven month period during which I read 83 books, an average of 2.73/week. I was 15 at the time, and during university the amount I read went down, so for a while now I've used 2 books per week as my estimate of how much I read.

When I put that factoid in my profile, something in the back of my brain insisted I get more recent data. After all, I'm 29 now, and I read more articles on the internet than I used to, and I'm less interested in fiction than I used to be. (The real universe is much more detailed and interesting than any fictional universe, after all.) So, while I was getting this week's books at the library, I asked if they keep a record of how many I've checked out. It turns out they do, and in the time I've had a library card with the Toronto Public Library (Sep.'05 - Aug.'07), I've checked out 153 books, 1.5/week.

That's lower than 2/week, but not by too much. I get some books as gifts these days, and I've read about a dozen books available for free on the internet this year. All together, I figure I've read ~1.9 books/week so far this year. Guess I'll have to pick up the pace a little!

I figure I've read an average of 2 books/week since the time I was old enough to go to the local public library on my own. (When I was about 10 years old.) If true, then I've read about 1,976 ±100 books.

Update: it turns out my Mom has written down the title of every book she's read since she was 16! I hope to find out how many that is soon. (My Dad reads less than we do. "I only read good books.")

Update 2: Since 1961, my mother has read an average of 3 books a month. What really impresses me is that she wrote down the title of every single one.


At September 23, 2007, Blogger pyralis said...

That's awesome that you try to read at least two books every week. I try to find time to read, but lately I've been bombarded by my senior project design and preparing to go to grad school. So have any good recommendations?


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