May 04, 2005


I haven't posted much because I've been splurging on computer games instead of using all my spare time to program. Well, OK, I did write one little program to automate some decision making calculations for Empire (don't start playing that game, BTW) but no big projects. This is probably for the best, since in two weeks I'm going back to Los Alamos to work continuously for three months.

So, in keeping with this blog's theme, I could talk about how all games are simulations, or, if I wanted to be a little less obvious, about how all simulations are games. For now though, I'm just going to assure you that when I start programming again, I'll start posting again, even though I'll be getting paid instead of working on my own projects. I may never again manage something quite so ecclectic as the Entish post, but you never know.


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